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What you can expect from your very own Oasis

Your business is like no other. Because you’re different, our approach has to be, too. It’s the only way to deliver truly customized value.

What we do: Staffing to fit your needs!

Seasonal and Temporary Staffing

Short term deadlines, fluctuating workloads, large scale projects, specialized talent needs? Oasis Staffing gives you the flexibility to adapt to variable demands without increasing your full-time team.

Long term and Temp-to-Hire Staffing

Find that perfect-fit candidate. Oasis Staffing's temp-to-hire option enables you to evaluate talent and cultural fit on the job before making an offer, reducing your hiring risk and increasing placement success.

Onsite Solutions

We oversee every aspect of managing your temporary workforce right at your facility. Our onsite team fulfills high-volume and fluctuating hiring needs, participates with your leadership in planning, productivity and safety meetings, and oversees all onboarding, new hire orientations, employee relations and recognition.  We’ll optimize your staffing investment by implementing programs which increase quality, improve productivity, decrease turnover and ensure a compliant workforce.

Direct Hire Staffing Solutions

Trust Oasis Staffing with your critical talent searches. Our SideKick direct hire recruitment experts will source, attract and screen top talent for your tough-to-fill or high-impact roles.

Step 1: Putting ourselves in your shoes - Initial Engagement

When you ask us to develop a program on your behalf, we have to go to school first – on your needs, and your business. So upfront, we ask a lot of key questions, and study hard. Because when we combine learning your business with knowing our business, you win. Every time.

Key insights that help us help you:

  • Your business model and its unique attributes
  • Where you’re headed, i.e. your strategic plan
  • The distinctive characteristics of your product or service
  • Your brand’s position within your market or industry
  • How competitive factors come into play
  • Where you anticipate additional staffing needs
  • Projected areas of departmental growth
  • Your company’s philosophy about people
  • General Industry Site Review to ensure our understanding of your unique challenges in regards to Safety and OSHA compliance

Step 2: Rolling up our sleeves with you – Plan Development

With a clean slate and no preconceptions, we partner with you to develop a program that’s completely customized to your requirements today, and your projections for tomorrow. We’ll ask the hard questions in this two-way dialog with you, because we’re at our best when we’re in sync with you, and your organization as a whole.

The result? A completely customized Staffing Program that feels like a natural extension of your direct efforts, backed by a dedicated and highly trained Oasis Account Representative that’s looking at your business every day with real-time technology. And staffed by Oasis employees who have underwent extensive, relevant-to-you testing and training to be the best suited for your unique requirements. Unlike other staffing services, at Oasis we’re not just a body shop.

Step 3: Working with Oasis Staffing

From the moment you call us, you will speak with an actual recruiter. No call centers, or menu trees, it’s that simple. Our partnership with you begins with us gaining a complete understanding of your requirements and priorities. We will use this knowledge to design a custom recruiting and service process that meets your specific needs.

Screening & Interviews

First, we scour our sources for matching candidates. Next, we vigorously vet those candidates by conducting thorough interviews, background checks (including drug screening, criminal checks, and reference calls). Finally, we test our candidates for their expertise using our online testing service, Kenexa ProveIT®.

Skills Testing

Simple, accessible, robust and effective, Kenexa ProveIT® testing service provides over 1,000 validated professional examinations ranging from software to mathematics, giving us the power to identify and select only the most talented employees. Available online, these tests can be taken from any computer with an internet connection, so your candidates won’t need to travel to an offsite location.

Guaranteed Compliance

Oasis Staffing adheres to all federal, state and local laws governing the employment of our personnel. We maintain all required employment records and handle the payment of wages, payroll and unemployment taxes, workers’ compensation insurance, and proper payroll deductions on behalf of our employees. We are an equal opportunity employer and fully abide by all EEO laws.

Safety is Priority #1 with Oasis Staffing!

Before any of our employees are assigned to your job site, they are required to complete a Safety Orientation class during our extensive New Employee Onboarding process.  It is our responsibility and passion to ensure that we provide a workplace free from serious recognized hazards and comply with standards, rules and regulations issued under the OSHA Act. In addition, Oasis Staffing is a member of the American Staffing Association (ASA). OSHA and the ASA have formed an alliance to enhance the safety of temporary workers. Click HERE to read more about it. 

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