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Sign up for Electronic W-2's
Posted on Friday, November 8, 2019
If you were employed by Oasis Staffing in 2019 you can register to receive your W-2 online.
Register to access** your W-2 and other tax documents online at
Use the Create Account Option.
Information needed to create a Paperless Employee account includes:
Employee ID# (found on your emailed paystub or WebCenter account)
Social Security Number (SSN)
Date of Birth (DOB)
*New hires must wait 7 days upon receiving their first paycheck to enroll.
** W-2 and other tax documents cannot be emailed for security reasons. You will be allowed to download from your Paperless Employee account or to receive by Mail.
Contact your branch representative directly for additional details.
Per Federal law, all W-2's will be mailed by January 31, 2020 for those employees not participating in the Electronic W-2 option. If your mailing address has changed please contact your local branch immediately. 
If you have already set up a Paperless Employee account you can ignore this message.