Why is Oasis Staffing is Better for You?

What makes Oasis Staffing different from other employment agencies?

We never lose sight of the most important questions you’ll ask yourself
about us:
  1. What will my experience be like?
  2. Will it help me reach my goals?

If you’ve worked with job placement agencies or recruiting firms during a job search, you may have noticed that they can tend to feel about the same from one to another. In fact, after the second or third stop, it may be almost impossible to tell the difference. Meanwhile, you’re looking for someone to assist you in not just finding a job – whether it’s temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct hire – but identifying your talents, and the right company that’s looking for those talents.  

Being great matchmakers isn’t easy. But it’s what we’ve been doing since 1969.

When you first contact Oasis Staffing, you’ll notice right away that we’re interested in learning about not just what you’re looking for, but where you excel. Couple that with the fact that no two job seekers are the same (that’s right, you’re special simply because you’re you), and you’re already well on your way to a custom experience that just wouldn't work for anyone else.

Perhaps you’re looking for a part-time position to supplement your existing income. Or you’re ready to make a big change and commit to something entirely different. Or you're winding down a successful career and want something with a little less pace. What matters most is that we know how to truly understand what you’re looking for, and how that pertains to your abilities, so we can enhance your own efforts to get you there.

We don’t just kick the tires and peek under the hood

Don’t be surprised if we recommend taking a specific assessment based on your talents, to better help us both understand where you’re a rock star and where you don’t belong. As you might expect, we’re pretty good at sizing up opportunities, and we know that’s what you’re looking for in an employment agency. So we have simple, helpful (and short) assessments to enhance our combined efforts and find your next great fit.

Because when you’re at Oasis, it just feels different.