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No one’s great at everything, but all of us are great at some things.

Do you know what you’re great at? If you do, let’s be sure. If you don’t, let’s find out. Some of us know what we’re good at, but many of us may not have realized where our real strengths are.

At Oasis, we don’t give tests, we assess talent.

First, we identify your work experience strengths. We then combine those with key attributes required for the types of opportunities you’re looking for. Together, those insights help us identify the assessments designed to give you helpful feedback on your talents (there are over 800 assessments in our own library, and we also partner with IBM's Kenexa® Prove It!®); don’t worry, you’ll only be asked to complete a few!)

How testing works

1st Register and complete an Oasis Application
2nd We’ll pre-screen your Application to determine which assessments are the most appropriate
3rd You’ll receive a personalized invitation via email to complete only the assessments we’ve identified as the most helpful to your job search

A little rusty?

After your initial screening, you may be asked to complete an assessment related to a particular position at a specific company. Meanwhile, you can request to take any of the tutorials available in the extensive Kenexa Proveit ® Library such as Microsoft Office, Accounting, Technical, Industrial, and Professional topics. 

Just came aboard? Let's Orientate!

Congratulations! Time to check out our New Hire Orientation Video.


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